Wednesday, December 08, 2004

4. Sexual Sensations and External Stimuli

In the preceding notes, we observed the evolution of the impulse of sex, from the simple urge to reproduce, through various stages of development, culminating in perfect marriage. And we have obtained a definite idea of the manner in which the various elements composing the impulse to sexual activity, may be and are, influence from within the organism by physiological processes, and psychological trends and experiences.

We must now endeavor to represent the impressions and sensations arising from external causes, which may either stimulate or inhibit sexual activity.

Alongside the various psychic qualities we meet the attractive forces of sensory impressions between the sexes. And the evolution from the simple impulse of sexual approach to Love, consists in apprehending and selecting the particular individual who combines in themselves the greatest number and highest degree of psychic and sensory attractions. This is termed “Sexual Selection” by many authorities.

And even after the evolution of Love, these charms and attractions do not lose their value. They are necessary to preserve love, for courtship can only be inspired and effected afresh under their spell.

Love means taking pleasure in seeing, touching, perceiving with every sense, and in the closest possible contact, someone whom we find lovely and who loves us.

Let us therefore pass in review the erotic influence of the various physical senses.


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